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EXUP Servo Emulator (Yamaha)

EXUP Servo Emulator (Yamaha)
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Price: $55.99
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Manufacturer: 12oClockLabs
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The most advanced EXUP Emulator, microprocessor controlled, this device emulates the exact characteristics of the exhaust servo motor and its motor delay sweeps; keeps the ECU from displaying the dreaded check engine light. Weight is less than 1/2 an ounce. Replaces the bulky oem servo motor when upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust system.

The 12oClockLabs EXUP-EMU-Y device is not an emissions defeat product. It is a product that corrects emissions problems when installing an aftermarket exhaust system. Many after market exhaust systems do not have EXUP motor connections, and thus your motorcycles ECU computer will throw an engine code and some ECU’s may even run an altered, flat, or incorrect fuel map as a result. The EXUP-EMU-Y from 12oClockLabs will provide your computer with the proper ECU signals so the ECU will run as the factory intended and not produce an altered, flat, or incorrect fuel map from within the ECU.

12oClockLabs worries about what goes on behind the scene of an electrical device, and rather than just eliminate an engine code, we wanted our EXUP Emulator to mimic the exact characteristics of a real servo motor, so the bikes computer can't tell the difference. Some of the other eliminators on the market loose their feedback position and require the bike's computer to send compensation signals to readjust, or their feedback signal may be altered with varying supply voltage conditions, or they have highly inaccurate feedback position data. The 12oClockLabs EXUP Emulator is the only microprocessor controlled device that emulates the exact servo motor sweeping delays and position characteristics of your oem exup motor, it can stop and hold feedback positions as instructed at any sweep location; without loosing its feedback position, or floating around. Your bike's computer can't tell the difference between the 12oClockLabs EXUP Emulator, and the real servo motor. Hence a rock solid solution you'll never have to worry about, and you can be confident your motorcycles computer won't know the difference.
Emulates the function of Yamaha part numbers 2D1-85820-00-00, 2C0-85820-00-00, 5VY-85820-00-00, 5VY-85820-10-00; and may fit other Yamaha models with same type servo motor plug

Fits the following motorcycle models...
Yamaha APEX [Snowmobile] (2011-2018)
Yamaha FZ1 (2006-2015)
Yamaha FZ10 (2017-2018)
Yamaha FZS1 (2015)
Yamaha R1 (2002-2017)
Yamaha R1M (2015-2017)
Yamaha R1S (2016-2017)
Yamaha R6 (2006-2017)
Yamaha Raider (2008-2017)
Yamaha V-Max (2009-2018)
Yamaha WR250R (2008-2018)
Yamaha WR250X (2008-2018)
Yamaha WR25R (2014-2018)
Yamaha XV19 [All Models] (2006-2017)

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